Did you know...

In the Middle Ages the inhabitants of Croatia applied various units of measurement to measure length, space, volume and mass, having regard to the fact that at that time no uniform system for weights and measures not yet existed.  The units of measure in operation were predominantly human-based such as elbow, digit, foot, and others.


The Orlando’s Pillar in Dubrovnik, besides being the symbol of freedom and sovereignty of the Republic of Dubrovnik (1358-1808), Orlando’s right forearm was also the Republic’s standard measurement of length  -   the Ragusan cubit or Dubrovački lakat (equivalent to 51.2 cm).   At the base of the column a line of the same length cut in stone, can still be seen today, and was used for centuries as measure for trading fabric sold in the marketplace. The same measurement of length can be also found in many other towns in Dalmatia along the Croatian coast.  


The Column was raised in 1418, and from that date for almost four centuries the flag of St Blaise flew here right until the end of the Republic (1358-1808), symbolizing the city’s enduring spirit and independence.